Realistic Imaginative Play


Children love to play by imitating real life experiences. Pretend cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping are fun and exciting. I love having my children participate in those real life tasks while they are still exciting. It is also really fun for them to play with objects that are their own size. Play kitchens have entertained children for years. These toys are great for kids to use to play on their own.

1. Play Kitchens

I love cooking with my kids. It is so fun for them to roll out dough and stir batter. They love playing in bubbly water while washing dishes. However, it is fun for them to also pretend cook on their own. With these play kitchens children can prepare imaginative dinners and serve them on dishes that nobody needs to wash.

2. Play Grocery Store

My kids favorite area of our local children's museum was the grocery store. They would spend hours pretending to buy food. They loved to be the cashier and scan items for other kids. It's no surprise that they really like to do self checkout at the real grocery store. This adorable play store is highly recommended and will provide hours of fun.

3. Play Workbench

Kids love playing with construction tools. While real tools require close adult supervision, these toy versions are excellent for practicing fine motor skills and imitating real life building.