2022 Gift Buying Guide for STEM Loving Kids (and their parents too!)

Gift ideas for kids who love science and math toys

A summary of the tips we give for holiday shopping:

  • Finding the best deal means saying no to a lot of good deals
  • Shop for age appropriate gifts including ones they can grow into
  • Toys that help children with deep thinking and concentration
  • Toys that are easy to cleanup and maintain

As technology advances, so do the toys that children play with. STEM toys are designed to teach children basic concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math. These toys are not only educational, but they are also a lot of fun! Here are the best STEM toys for 2022:

1. Holidays are a great time to give a kid an educational gift

When shoping for toys be sure to look for educational ones as well.

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What kinds of toys qualify as STEM toys?

Really any toy that promotes learning and thinking could be considered a stem toy however our favorites include those that incorporate one or more of the following:

  • they have detailed instructions
  • reinforce a scientific principle
  • they promote deeper learning
  • Critical exploration of options