Stem Toys for Toddlers


1. Wood Puzzles

2. Timeless Toys for Babies

When it comes to classic toys for babies we think of the toys from our own youth that have stood the test of time.

This wooden sorting cube is one that comes to mind.

Kids love the bright colors and the feel of the different shapes that they can grab on their own.

This sorting cube is ideal for ages 18 months to 3 years.

Best of all, this is a toy that is sure to last.

This ever-popular shape and color activity is sure to engage children. Each shape is designed to fit through a matching hole on the wooden cube.

What we love about it: We love that while the kids play they are also picking up. This self contained toy makes it fun to find all the pieces so nothing gets mixed up in the clutter.

A Grandmother's Perspective: A great way to engage the brains of the toddlers and keep them busy. We have a couple different types of these for the grandkids and other kids that come to visit.

Parenting tip: For 18 month olds or younger, start by limiting the number of shapes to one or two. And don't let them bite the pieces or you'll soon have to watch for splinters.

3. Self Contained Toys

If you've followed along in our other articles, we are strong advocates for having some toys that are self contained.

Self contained toys are ones that don't have any removable pieces.

Self contained toys are easier to cleanup then they are to play with.

For toddlers this means something they can sit and enjoy without throwing pieces all over the floor.

This interactive ball was one of our children's favorites.

It lights up and is motorized so it vibrates and rocks on the floor.

The interactive characters can be pressed, twisted, or moved to make sounds and lights.

Your toddler will love to play and crawl with this ball.