Top 8 Toys to Inspire Building and Creativity Skills


We love toys that inspire building and assembling pieces together to create a unique masterpiece.

The following toys are fantastic for open ended learning and can be played with over and over.

These toys are classic and will never go out of style. They are a perfect addition to any toy collection.

As exciting as character themed toys may be when they are first opened, they quickly lose their appeal when a child is no longer interested in SpongeBob or My Little Pony.

You can buy these now and your kids will still love them Christmas morning and beyond. These are great additions to any toy collection.

1. Brain Flakes

These plastic connecting disks are fun for building endless objects. They are also great for making patterns and sorting colors. We like to take them when we travel. They are fun on a road trip. Use with close supervision for children under 3.

A Creative and Educational Alternative to Building Blocks

  • Tested for Children's Safety
  • A Great Stem Toy for Both Boys and Girls

2. Magformers

We love Magformers. They are fun to build with and easy to clean up! These plastic building toys have magnets in the sides that easily snap together. Like most of the toys on this list, even adults will play with them if they are sitting nearby. They are available in multiple shapes: squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons. pentagons, diamonds, and curved pieces. There are add-on sets that have wheels and other enhancements. When it is time to clean up, it is so easy to gather them all up together and put them in a basket.

Note: They do contain magnets. We have not had any break open, but definitely watch for that as magnets are very dangerous if ingested.

There are also many other discount brands available online. We have only used the Magformer brand.

3. Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles are another great magnetic building toy. They are excellent for open ended playing. There are a variety of sets with different shapes and colors. There are also great themed sets with a variety of animals, cars, structures, and even glow in the dark pieces.


No building toy list would be complete without LEGO. These classic building blocks have been enjoyed for generations. There is no age limit. Kids (and adults) of all ages love these bricks. We especially love the basic sets for open ended playing. We like to add onto our base collection with buildings that can be rebuilt and and redesigned over and over.

5. LEGO Duplo

LEGO Duplo bricks are fantastic toys for toddlers and preschoolers. These larger blocks are easier for small hands to connect. They come in so many fun sets. While I don't usually buy character themed toys, we do have some Disney princess Duplos that were played with for years. I like that kids use the blocks to create cities, kingdoms, and worlds for their imaginative play.

6. Plus Plus

These small building pieces can be used to make flat mosaics or 3-D structures. The possibilities are endless. They are small and perfect for traveling. Keep a set in your purse or bag for fun entertainment while waiting for an appointment or at a restaurant. They also come in a "Big" size for younger builders.

7. Straws and Connectors

Straws and connectors are another great building toy for kids. They can assembled to make small creations or large structures.

8. Makedo Screws and Tools

Kids love to play with cardboard boxes! These screws and tools are great for building with cardboard. My kids have spent hours and hours making forts and robots out of old boxes.